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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In the last couple of days we were out of milk at home. I forgot to buy some last time I went shopping for groceries, and the milk we still had left was running out.
This of course caused a severe inconvenience as I had to choose between having a bowl of cereals or saving some milk for tomorrow morning's coffee.

Since dinners for me are usually based on cereals as I am usually too tired (lazy?) to make something decent to eat (like a fried egg with some toasted bread and some salad), having to choose between cereals and coffee is really inconvenient. Problem gets worst when I don't have to choose anymore when there is not enough milk for a bowl of cereals :-S

So, the conclusion is not to forget the milk next time. And always buy enough. Not sure it's good for me, but hey, it makes my life easier :-)

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