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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mozy’s underhanded opportunism

I’m using Mozy as a backup service.

To be more precise, I was using Mozy for a year before they raised their prices and downgraded their service. Except I’m still using it now even that I don’t want to.

You see, Mozy has two renewal plans on their site once you paid. One – keep with the same plan you’ve paid for (or in my case – pay more and get less). Two – upgraded plan (still gives me less than what I originally signed) that gives you extra storage (I originally signed for unlimited. How it became limited is beyond me).

Note that the is no “Three – no renewal”. There’s just no such thing. You don’t want to continue? That’s fine. You have the option to CANCEL your account (no refund,AFAIK).

What happened the other day was that I got this email:
Thanks for using MozyHome!

Your credit card ending in **** was charged $65.89 today for a yearly subscription to MozyHome 50 GB.
Your card will be automatically charged again on July 04, 2012 in order to keep your MozyHome 50 GB subscription current.

Please visit your account page at to make changes to your MozyHome 50 GB subscription.

Thank you!

- The MozyHome Team

You see, not only they never notified me that my subscription is about to end, and never gave me the option not to renew it, they simply took my money without my permission.

When I opened a support call regarding that issue, this was the response:
When you signed up for service, the plan requires an auto renewal for the plan. ! After you sign up, we will automatically re-bill your credit card every year in order to keep your subscription current, unless you cancel.

The only way to un-enroll is to cancel the account. If you wish to cancel your account I have provided step by step instructions to cancel [...clipped...]

Please do yourself a favor and keep away from Mozy as you would from fire. I was burnt already.

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